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Restore a youthful, vibrant appearance with thicker, fuller hair!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), sourced from your own blood, contains numerous growth factors that promote significant tissue and hair regeneration.

PRP forms part of our effective hair regrowth package including:

  • Comprehensive hormonal laboratory panel
  • Collagen induction therapy with rejuvenating Platelet Rich Plasma on the scalp
  • PRP injections into the scalp
  • Prescription hair stimulants
  • Physician-grade shampoos and conditioners
  • Professional Glytone hair regrowth products

These treatments effectively stimulate regrowth to combat hair loss. PRP is meticulously administered into the scalp using microneedling, followed by direct injections by our skilled physician.

The PRP Hair Restoration procedure is highly effective and in demand at our Newport Beach office in California. Schedule a consultation today to reclaim your confidence and youthful appearance!

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