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Experience Youthful Healing and Wellness

Dr. Kashif Yaqub is a highly experienced and qualified physician in Newport Beach, California offering cutting edge Regenerative Cellular Therapy to stimulate tissue regeneration leading to improved joint health, pain management, improved aesthetics and sexual well-being and disease prevention.

What is Regenerative Cellular Therapy?

Regenerative Cellular Therapy involves the use of HCT/Ps (Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products) which fall under FDA regulation (Section 361). Dr. Yaqub rigorously follows FDA guidelines regarding the utilization of these products also known as "361 products.”

How HCT/Ps used in Regenerative Cellular Therapy make a difference

When an injury occurs, specific cells in your body are activated and released to initiate healing. These cells contain growth factors and other properties essential for tissue healing. However, as we age, our cells progressively lose many of these growth factors and properties present in our youth. Consequently, the process of healing and regeneration becomes less efficient compared to when we were younger. The administration of HCT/Ps assist in activating your body's inherent regenerative and repair mechanisms and can be potentially used in any area of the body that needs healing and rejuvenation.

Where are Regenerative Cellular Therapy products obtained from?

HCT/Ps that we use are obtained from donated umbilical cord tissues and contain highly concentrated and potent properties notably more robust than those found in regenerative cells from middle-aged or older individuals. Note, these products are not obtained from the embryo but from the umbilical cord tissues which are normally discarded after birth.

Are all HCT/Ps of the same grade?

Regenerative cellular therapy products can be of different grades depending on how they are obtained and processed. Dr. Yaqub uses high-quality HCT/Ps based on the latest research and technology to give his patients the best outcomes.

Administration of Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Our process is quick and simple. At your appointment, we will administer small doses of HCT/Ps directly into specific areas of your body. Once injected, these products provide therapeutic benefits not only at the site of administration but wherever they circulate. Many patients experience noticeable improvements almost immediately following their appointments.

Reaping the Benefits

Your physician will offer thorough guidance on how to prepare for and manage your recovery period. While many individuals feel sufficiently recovered to resume regular activities within 24 hours after undergoing Regenerative Cellular Therapy, certain treatment areas may necessitate activity restrictions for several weeks. It is crucial to adhere closely to the post-procedure instructions to fully reap the benefits of Regenerative Cellular Therapy.

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